TRIOS® Digital Impressions

More than Just an Impression

One of the most common complaints about orthodontic treatment and one of the most common reasons people avoid orthodontic treatment is impressions. Impressions are molds taken of the teeth with goopy alginate or silicon material in an impression tray. These impressions are taken for diagnostic records and to make various orthodontic appliances. Although we do sometimes take impressions if an appliance is desired by the patient that day, no impressions are required for orthodontic treatment in our office. We are dedicated to making your orthodontic treatment as easy, efficient, and comfortable as possible. That means using state-of-the-art TRIOS imaging throughout your treatment. Our TRIOS® intraoral scanners are used with all treatments offered in our practice, including diagnostic models, clear aligners, retainers, expanders, and SureSmile® records.

The TRIOS intraoral scanner allows us to have complete control over all aspects of your smile transformation, from your very first appointment to the day you receive your retainers!

Intraoral scanning with TRIOS:

  • No need for traditional alginate or silicone (goopy) impressions
  • Allows us to start, stop, and restart scanning at any time (typical scan takes one minute per arch)
  • High-quality digital impressions improve diagnostics and communication
  • Accurately (more so than impressions) captures your bite in real time for comprehensive diagnostics and treatment planning
  • Reduced visits and chair time with easy fit of customized appliances or brackets with indirect bonding
  • Monitors your progress by virtually removing brackets and comparing your tooth movement with your treatment plan
  • Digital impressions can be used to virtually debond brackets for retainer preparation
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